My name is Annie Axtell.

I am a printmaker and artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Originally from Quebec,  I studied Fine Arts at Concordia University.  There, realizing my passion for the process, I fell in love with printmaking. I quickly found myself at home, learning the ins and outs of the paper arts.

Once I graduated, I relocated to San Francisco where I interned at the San Francisco Centre for the Book Arts and went on to co-find a letterpress collective. Newly introduced to California's natural landscape,  I quickly adapted to the West Coast way of life. Spending time outdoors quickly became part of my routine, and informs my art and process today.

While I love to learn new techniques and processes,  screen printing has stayed my medium of choice for the past 13 years. A central component of my practice is the Lunar Calendar offering. Originally intended as gifts for loved ones far away, these calendars balance ornament and utility, as they track the phases of the moon so that we can stay connected with our celestial bodies.

Each calendar, along with my other collection of prints, are handmade in my Vancouver studio. I am very grateful for my growing community, I look forward to continuing to build meaningful connections through my work.