2024 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar
2024 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar
2024 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar
2024 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar

2024 Cloth Moon Phase Calendar

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Exploring the depths of our internal compass, we pause to contemplate our guiding principles. Represented as pillars in the design, composed of abstracted symbols that embody our core beliefs. Do they match how we show up in the world?

Consider how we engage with our loved ones and the greater community. How we spend our time, tending to our well-being, and safeguarding our surroundings.

Embracing the new year, a moment presents itself to readjust and align with our hearts.

This one-colour screen print is on natural unbleached cotton with a raw edge. 

  •  16"x20" - will fit a standard frame
  • Screen printed in Vancouver BC
  • Black ink on natural cotton
  • Pairs well with our magnetic hangar/frame
  • Ships rolled or flat -read below


You can now add a gold leaf moon to your calendar to highlight a special date. Whether it be a birth, a wedding anniversary or an exceptional event you want to remember. To add a second or third golden moon CLICK here!


Depending on the timezone you live in, certain lunar phases will occur on different dates. To account for this, the Lunar Calendar is available in two time zones: PST and EST. 

If you live in the Mountain Time Zone or Central Time Zone, please select the PST Calendar. While there will be small differences between your local moon phases and what is shown in the Calendar, this will be the most accurate. Still unsure? use this link to see a map.


SHIPPING:  The print will be shipped folded in an envelope if you choose the "no tracking" option at checkout. If you select a shipping method that includes tracking it will be rolled in a tube. It can be ironed on high heat with steam to remove any wrinkles or relax creases.

If you have any questions please email annie@annieaxtell.com