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Brush 24"x36"

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This Print :

Part of an ongoing body of work: Call and Response within witch imagery, composition and palate develop intuitively.  It represents a study of my relationship with shape and colour and breaks from the constraints of past work ethics. The shapes come to form a visual vocabulary, they exist freely in combination. In this piece, a single repeated brushstroke, an expression of the initial moment in which the mind is free to let the body create. 

This print can be hung from different orientations.  Depending on the environment or how it speaks to them personally or allowing the image to be rotated overtime to convey a different feeling. 

24  x 36 inches. Black and Cream tones with water-based ink on archival poster paper. Limited Edition, each signed and numbered by Annie Axtell. 

My Works :

These are not digital reproductions; each colour is hand mixed and hand-printed by the artist. Due to the nature of the process, there are slight variations from one print to another.

Annie Axtell’s images are made using ink and brushwork. An intentional choice to create lines that are sensitive and have slight movement. To be able to sink into the slight wobble or irregularity of her hand.

Please allow for 1 week for production time. This print is sold unframed and will ship rolled in a large tube