Large conduit 22"x 30"
Large conduit 22"x 30"

Large conduit 22"x 30"

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Large Conduit

This image on this print is the same size that the Small Conduit print, the difference is the size and thickness of the paper. 

Annie Axtell’s images are made using ink and brushwork. An intentional choice to create lines that are sensitive and have slight movement. To be able to sink into the slight wobble or irregularity of her hand.

Each print is a fine art object printed in a limited edition.  These are not digital reproductions, each colour is hand mixed and hand printed by the artist. Due to the nature of the process, there are slight variations from one print to another.

This print is signed and editioned on the back to allow hanging it in any orientation. Allowing for personal interpretation of the image. 

Printed in a Limited Edition, each signed and numbered by Annie Axtell

Printed on 100% cotton Mulin du Roy paper by Canson.

Artwork Dimensions: 22 inches X 30 inches

Colour Palet: rust, cream, robins egg blue and burnt earth on a light cream paper.