2022 Tapestry Calendar
2022 Tapestry Calendar

2022 Tapestry Calendar

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Marking my 10th edition of the calendar I am pleased to share with you 2022!

This edition invites you to sow the seeds and set intentions for the year ahead. Like planting your garden in spring and tending to a successful harvest, looking forward to the growth you desire through patient effort and care. 

Poppies line the border representing the beauty and renewal that arises after hardship and loss, encouraging us to nurture the aspects of life that matter most. 

This one colour screen print is on natural unbleached cotton twill with a finished edge. It can be ironed on high heat with steam to remove any wrinkles or creases. It measures 27" from the top of the dowel to the bottom of the tassel and 21" wide.

Signed by the artist. Hand printed in Vancouver, BC. 

*This product is made to order. Please allow for up to 1 week for production time.



This version of my lunar calendar is printed on a 10oz natural cotton twill with a finished edge. It is hung on a wooden dowel by a leather string with two black tassels weighing the corners down. Each component is handmade in-house. 


This is the sixth year that I am offering the tassel tapestry calendar. I have made it so that you can replace the cloth part each year, recycling the dowel, leather and tassels. You can find the replacement calendar here


You can now add a gold leaf moon to your calendar to highlight a special date. Whether it be a birth, a wedding anniversary or an exceptional event you want to remember. To add a second or third golden moon CLICK here!


Depending on the timezone you live in, certain lunar phases will occur on different dates. To account for this, the Lunar Calendar is available in two time zones: PST and EST. 

If you live in the Mountain Time Zone or Central Time Zone, please select the PST Calendar. While there will be small differences between your local moon phases and what is shown in the Calendar, this will be the most accurate. 

If you have any questions please email annie@annieaxtell.com